Teachers Council Membership Confirmation

By clicking "I ACCEPT" below, I hereby authorize High School Township District 211 to deduct from my earnings each month from my October 15th through the end of each school year an amount to provide for the regular payment of the current rate of annual dues as certified by the District 211 Teachers Union, Local 1211, IFT/AFT/AFL-CIO.

This amount shall be paid to the Treasurer of the 211 Teachers Union, Local 1211, IFT/AFT/AFL-CIO.  I also authorize the District to deduct any unpaid balance from my last check in the event I terminate employment prior to the end of the school year.  This authorization shell continue in effect from year to year unless terminated by me by written notification to the Union treasurer prior to September 15 of any given school year.  The dues will be replaced with fair share payments unless I pay my dues in full.

I understand that dues paid to the Union may not be deductible for federal income tax purposes; however, under limited circumstances, dues may qualify as a business expense.  I further understand that voluntary contributions for COPE or other purposes to the Union are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes and are not conditions of membership in the Union or of employment.