The ARC Team developed Local 1211's Anti-Racism Resolution.  Members of the ARC Team are Nichole B. Anderson, Cherea Sparkman, Michelle Tantnillo, Liza Sullivan, Karla Robles, and Ray Galarza.

Anti-Racism Resolution - Local 1211

WHEREAS, recent events highlight racial inequalities and continued racial disparities for our students and our communities (particularly Black and Brown) and have caused a need to address our locals' discussions around race and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) practices. Furthermore, a need exists to equip all members with the skill set necessary to have conversations about racial equity, bias and other facets of intentional racial inclusion.

WHEREAS, society has seen marginalized communities consistently in a cycle of economic, medical, and physical neglect that has left them turning to school systems for support. Educators will often fill in the gap with communities that lack fully resourced infrastructures that speak specifically to the culture and needs of our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students. However, continued work is needed to address the role of educational institutions in perpetuating systematic racism.

WHEREAS, current conversations around equity tend to include umbrella terminology about sexuality, age, gender, etc. There is a need to separate and center the conversation specifically around racial equity.

WHEREAS, a lack of representation from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our local, has unintentionally continued systematic racism by not creating a space for BIPOC members to feel adequately heard and feel comfortable engaging in local activities.

WHEREAS, a binary mindset (racist or non-racist), could potentially divide our membership, not allow for open, honest dialogue about racial consciousness and, if not proactively addressed, move us from alignment with our federation and true social justice reform historically practiced by unions.

WHEREAS, a need exists for current and future local leadership to address their own understanding of racial bias, privilege, and cultural consciousness to help extend their ability to actively engage with BIPOC members, as well as the school communities they serve.

WHEREAS, labor unions have always fought for workers’ rights, human rights, civil rights and for the common good of members, as well as society in general.

WHEREAS, the fight for bargaining rights has an intersectionality with economic empowerment, thus directly addressing social justice initiatives that uplift those BIPOC populations that have been excluded from building generational wealth.

WHEREAS, the Local understands that strength exists in numbers. That open political, economic, and social activism for all by a united union can create effective change that benefits all of its members.

RESOLVED, Local 1211 will engage and support all members through our commitment to universal anti-racist practices that are grounded in equity for the benefit of all children, education professionals, and the entire school community.

RESOLVED, Local 1211 will have intentional conversations about race, racial consciousness, anti-racism, anti-black, anti-asian & south pacific-islander, anti-indigenous populations, and anti-latinx issues incorporated into our local agenda. Thus, preparing the Local to have greater positive engagements with BIPOC members and encouraging future BIPOC leadership within the union.

RESOLVED, Local 1211 will implement continuous sustainable training, educational resources, and funding that will encourage growth, knowledge and understanding of anti-racist practices. As well as, continually demonstrating support of these practices in union work, for it is social justice work that unions have historically been involved in.

RESOLVED, Local 1211 will continually conduct and evaluate our processes (ie. decisions, conversations, internal/external engagements, partnerships, procedure, and practices) through a social justice and racial equity lens.

RESOLVED, that Local 1211 will engage in and support open political, economic, social activism for marginalized populations in local communities in alignment with IFT.

RESOLVED, Local 1211 will specifically implement accountability protocols when incidents of racial bias, racist language, and/or racist ideology emerge amongst our local structure/leadership.

RESOLVED, that Local 1211 will encourage the local councils within this union to engage in the aforementioned resolutions in alignment with historical union practices and current IFT practices.


Presented Sep 23,2021 to the Local 1211 Leadership Submitted by 1211 LEAD Team

Resubmitted Oct. 14, 2021 to the Local 1211 Leadership Submitted by 1211 LEAD Team

Approved & Adopted Oct. 14, 2021 by Local 1211 Governance


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