Your fellow education employees need your help! We're calling on the Illinois state legislature to pass House Bill 2778 (Senate Amendment #2), which would provide administrative leave for educational employees and guarantee paycheck protection for non-instructional staff. It includes:

  • Paid time off for educators and staff at K-12 schools, pubic universities and community colleges when they or their children are forced to quarantine because of COVID illness or exposure. This time off would not impact an employee's earned sick leave.
  • Paycheck protection for K-12 food service, custodial, transportation and other non-instructional employees who are unable to perform their jobs remotely when a school is closed or an e-learning day is triggered under COVID safety guidelines.

As the pandemic continues, House Bill 2778 would guarantee that all school districts treat education employees fairly and promote economic recovery while helping to ensure safe schools for all who learn and work in them.

Urge your lawmakers to pass this important legislation today.

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