Scholarship Winners - 2021

Family Scholarships

The George Stewart Scholarship -- Sarah Tanny (mother - Tracy Tanny, PHS Special Ed TA)

The Shirley Forpe Scholarship -- Madeline Lawler (mother - Sophie Foucault-Lawler, PHS Speech Pathologist)


Vocational Scholarship - The Dwight Aukee Scholarship

Andres Castenada -- HEHS


Conant Building Scholarship -- The Al Prochaska Scholarship

Sanjana Rajesh


Fremd Building Scholarship -- The Gary Wilson Scholarship

Keyana Desai


Hoffman Building Scholarship -- The Kim Fischer Scholarship

Sarah Hazenfield


Palatine Building Scholarship -- The Ron Sloan Scholarship

Alyssa Eckles


Schaumburg Building Scholarship -- The Rick Gerz Scholarship

Emma Davenport


Future Teacher Scholarship -- The Linda Bailey Scholarship

Nick McCoy (SHS)


At-Large Scholarship -- The Kevin Palmer Scholarship

Jaelen Barrett (HEHS)


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