As one of the most challenging and difficult school years comes to a close, I want to share with you some news that illustrates the powerful importance and positive impact our union's advocacy efforts can make in the lives of our students. Based on our relationship with State Senator Laura Murphy and a partnership between teachers and students, we were successful in the passage of the "Cards 4 Kids Act", extending library privileges to children residing outside of the municipality in which their local library is located. Included in House Bill 2096, the "Cards 4 Kids Act" waves the non-resident library card fee for every Illinois student who falls below the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines (IEGs).

The passage of this Act proves that union advocacy matters and is a powerful catalyst in making meaningful changes in the lives of our students, colleagues, communities, and across the state. Your support and engagement with Local 1211 are essential to our continued success. I thank you for that support and encourage you to become active in our advocacy efforts to help us build these crucial relationships with local, state and federal representatives, and to ensure our voices and our students and communities are heard.

We care. We fight. We show up.


Jim Arey

Vice President Membership Engagement

Local 1211

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