State testing begins next month for millions of students in Illinois and there are changes this year to help both students and school administrators.

The Illinois State Board of Education Director Rae Clement said test times for elementary and junior high students should last around six hours compared to the nine hours or so last year.

Schools should also get test results back quicker.

The Illinois State Board of Education says schools have complained for years results come back too late to be useful.

Quincy Public School Curriculum & Instruction Assessment Director Kim Dinkheller said having the results quicker will help all students.

“Because it’s a computer test we anticipate the results coming quicker and quicker each time, sooner we get them, the more we take a look at them and then provide improved instruction for students as needed,” Dinkheller said.

Dinkheller said cutting the test time down should be beneficial as well because testing fatigue is a problem students deal with.

For more information on the Illinois State Board of Education click here.

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