There is no doubt the Janus v. AFSCME Case is historic, and that the ruling has improved the position of the anti-union movement incrementally, however, this is NOT A WIN for that group unless WE allow it.  For example, all but TWO teachers in both teacher councils, and almost all of the teacher assistants and support staff have resigned.  The people  that chose not to resign elected to do so prior to the Janus Case was even heard by the courts.  Ironically, and as a result of the Janus Case, Local 1211 has been contacted by two new (non-union groups) in surrounding grade school districts about organizing and joining us.

The Janus Case has brought Unionism and the collective strength Union's provide working people to the forefront, and Illinois has become the battleground, so we shall continue to fight for what we believe is right and just.  Regardless of our political and professional opinions as to how the Supreme Court ruled on the Janus Case, Local 1211, the IFT and the AFT  remain strong and committed to our members and working people throughout Illinois and the United States.  Together we will continue to move forward with our mission of promoting children, education and the teaching profession, and as a result we shall emerge from this historic decision stronger than ever.  Thank you for your continued support and your ACTION in the months leading up to the November elections.

In Unity,

John Braglia


Northwest Suburban teachers Union

Local 1211, IFT-AFT, AFL-CIO

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